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20 July 2009 @ 02:06 pm
Hairspray 2nd Anniversary Celebration!  
SupportNikkiBlonsky.com will be hosting a 2nd anniversary celebration of the theatrical release of Hairspray. We'll be chatting, starting at 9pm EST on July 20th. See the site for more details, but we are excited to say that Nikki will be joining us in the chat for a little while - so come and talk to our favorite girl.

Hairspray 2nd Anniversary Celebration

I hope everyone can make it!

Just to note: you have to sign up for the chat before hand, so if your interested click on the link above :)

If everyone wants to, after we chat or even while we chat, we can watch Hairspray. It depends on how everyone feels. I hope everyone has questions ready for Nikki!
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