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Hairspray: 2007 Film Fans
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A community for fans of the Hairspray 2007 film.

Basically, this a community for fans of the Hairspray 2007 Film.

What’s welcome here:

* Icons, headers, any related graphics
* Reviews
* Picspams
* Fanfiction (including RPF), fanvids, fanmixes, etc.
* Discussion/meta
* News about the Hairspray cast appearances
* Articles
* Just about anything Hairspray-related!

What’s not welcome:

* Wank (of the bad variety) or any kind of inflammatory remarks, such as character and/or actor bashing
* Advertisements. Ask permission first if you want to advertise your Hairspray-related community. Any non-approved advertisements will be deleted. Also you can leave a comment HERE if you’d like to affiliate.

What to do:

* LJ-cut any spoilers or otherwise over-long entries.
* Properly label all fanwork.
* If you know how, tag your entries. (But if you don’t, they will be tagged for you.)
* Absolutely no more than 3 icons outside of an LJ-cut.

All entries are organized by tags: tag index.

Also, for a list of all Hairspray (in its three incarnations) related communities, check out the NEWBIE GUIDE.

How to post fanfiction:
Author: [your livejournal username]
Characters/Pairing: [characters that significantly appear in the fic, and pairings focused on, if any]
Rating: [please use a rating system that is transparent! i.e. G - NC-17 or K - MA]
Disclaimer: [let us know you don’t own them; especially important for RPF]


Code for lj-cuts (mandatory for all fanfiction, regardless of length):
<lj-cut text="Title of your cut goes here">
Text of your post goes here

Code for links:
<a href="http://whatever.com">The title of your link</a>

(Be aware that if you’re in rich text mode, none of this code will work!)

Any other information you include is optional; title, summary, etc. But please be considerate and limit the length of your author’s notes and summaries. Also, we will not be allowing any fanfiction that links to a locked entry. Questions/suggestions/etc. of course welcome.


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